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Silicon nitride

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Silison nitride powder

NTPF Etalon Ltd. has mastered the production of SHS-silicon nitride by the method of self-propogating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). The new material is produced in a special reactors at the pressure of ~10 MPa and the temperature of ~2000 °C. The offered technology allows to obtain a high quality product with a minimum concentration of oxygen. Unlike analog, produced in the furnaces, the principal phase of SHS-silicon nitride is a high-temperature "beta" modification (β-Si3N4). Such material has improved resistance to melts of non-ferrous metals and iron and is specially designed for refractory production. SHS-silicon nitride is manufactured of two grades: NK1 and NK2 (table).

Chemical composition of SHS-silicon nitride for refractory production

Grade Mass fraction, %
N Al Ca Fe O Phase
min max
NK1 36 0,5 0,4 0,7 1,1 β-Si3N4 95 min
NK2 35 1,0 0,7 1,2 1,2 β-Si3N4 90 min

Grain size 0–0,315 mm; other – by the customer require.

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