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Large Hadron Collider & NTPF Etalon Ltd

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Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) jointly with NTPF Etalon Ltd have done unique order for Large Hadron Collider building project. More than a thousand tons of electrical steel with low coercive force was smelted in the oxygen-converter shop of MMK to produce dipole magnets used at Hadron Collider. The technology of production of this steel was developed by NTPF Etalon Ltd specialists under the guidance of general manager Shatokhin Igor Mihaylovich.

Large Hadron Collider is the largest experimental arrangement in the world. It is designed for acceleration and collision of charged particles, fixation the time of interaction and for subsequent studying of the collision products. It called “large” because it length is almost 27 kilometers; “hadron” because there are collision of hadrons – heavy particles, consisting of quarks. It is planned to confirm or refute a number of physic theories of last century. The main purpose of the project is experimental confirmation of existence of particle and field, predicted by Pitter Higgs in 1960. A new theory of the Universe may be created after the deep studying of interaction of different particles with Higgs field.

As says Shatokhin I.M., the steel, smelted at the “MMK”, has passed all the tests and it technical characteristics has been better, than technical characteristics of English and Japanese steels. Three bathes of the metal was sent to Upper Iset Metallurgical Plant and Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk for next treatment. Then manufactured equipment was shipped to Collider.

On July 4, 2012 during the experiment, was found a boson, reminiscent of Higgs boson. Scientists must spend a lot of time now to confirm, that this boson is Higgs boson.

Shatokhin I.M. says: “It is a great scientific discovery and it will find its application in various fields: medicine, computer science, nuclear power engineering. Countries, which will use the results of this discovery, will take a leading place in the world and will develop high-tech productions. That’s why in our country there were plans to build a Collider too. We have proved to the world and to ourselves, that we are able to solve very difficult problems.”

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