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Ferrovanadium nitride FERVANIT®

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Ferrovanadium nitrideFerrovanadium nitride FERVANIT® is developed for alloying of V-containing steels by nitrogen. It used for smelting modern rail, rebar, tool and other steels. As compared to a traditional carbonitride alloy, FERVANIT® is characterized by:

  • Low melting point ~1450 ˚С
  • High density 6,0-6,5 g/сm3
  • Maximum nitrogen content
  • Absence of open porosity
  • Сrashing strength is more than 200 МPа

Due such unique parameters Ferrovanadium nitride FERVANIT® has excellent N and V-recovery by steel melt.


FERVANIT® is a composition alloy, which produced by nitriding of ferrovanadium powder under high pressure (8 MPa) and temperature ~1500 °C. The principal phase of FERVANIT® is vanadium nitride with iron binder. Deep research of SHS-process allowed to get unique alloy. The combination of high density with maximum nitrogen content was first possible in Ferrovanadium nitride FERVANIT®. It is supplied in the lump form and can be loaded both in furnace and in ladle.

At the customer's request we can also produced ferrovanadium nitride for cored wire production (table). In this case high grade ferrovanadium (70-80 % V) is nitriding; during burning synthesis process sintered composition is produced, which after being powdered is used as filling agent in flux cored wire.

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Chemical composition

Structure Raw material N V C Si S P Al Mn
Melted FeV 50 8-10 42-47 0,50 5,0 0,02 0,05 0,5 4,5
Sintered FeV 80 13-16 min. 65 0,25 2,0 0,04 0,05 1,5 0,5

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