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Ferrochromium nitride / chromium nitride

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Азотированный феррохром Nowadays ferrochromium nitride is main material, which is used for smelting nitrided stainless steel and others, such as creep-resisting steel to produce engine valves in the automotive engineering, high-resistance steel for manufacturing of turbo generators rotors end-winding retaining rings, bio-inert nickel-free alloys to make medical implants. Also it is used for production of some grades of welding electrodes.


NTPF Etalon Co., Ltd. produce high quality ferrochromium nitride FeChN10 by technology of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS). It is obtained by nitriding of low carbon ferro-chromium powder under conditions of high pressure (7-9 MPa) and temperature 1700 °C. The simultaneous influence of high pressure and maximum temperature allows forming alloys with a unique set of performance properties. Combustion product has composition structure with principal phases CrN, (Fe,Cr)2N, Fe and has density 4,5-5,0 g/cm3. Chromium nitride Also, we offer chromium nitrides: regular ChN15 and high purity ElChN15 (table).

All grades characterized by minimum content of oxygen, hydrogen, aluminum and other impurities. Due to the high temperature of the process, the materials produced are of high strength. Depending on the application of materials, its can be supplied of different sized (table).

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Chemical composition

Name Grade Mass fraction, %
Cr N O Si C S P Fe Al
min min max
Ferrochromium nitride FeChN10 60 8-12 0,5 1,5 0,10 0,02 0,03 balance 0,2
ChN15 79 15 0,4 0,5 0,08 0,009 0,002 0,5 0,1
ElChN15 78 15 0,3 0,05 0,02 0,003 0,005 0,25 0,01

Size composition*

Form Powder Lumps
Grain size, mm 0-0,315 0-2,5 3-30 20-80 80-200
Application Welding electrodes Free flowing powder for cored wire Steel smelting
*other sizes - by customer request

Standard packing of materials – steel drums of different volume with waterproof insert

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